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Thread: 2 Vertex Payroll Tax Installs on Enterprise Server

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    2 Vertex Payroll Tax Installs on Enterprise Server

    I am looking into the possibility to have 2 separate, independent installs of Vertex Payroll Tax (Q Series) on the same Enterprise Server. The purpose of this is to be able to test data updates and/or program updates in our CRP environment prior to loading the update into PD. We are using ERP8 Update 1 SP22T, and using the ISAM database for Vertex.



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    Re: 2 Vertex Payroll Tax Installs on Enterprise Server

    We had wanted to do that very thing, but ended up having our test environment with Vertex loaded locally.
    This is simply because of the environment variable in Windows. It points to the folder that Vertex is loaded into on your E-server. You can't have both paths set up - it will always look the to first variable it finds for the path. You can change the path in the variable between testing and production, but we chose not to do this for fear that it wouldn't be swapped back to the production path when it was needed.
    We were using an Intel box as our e-server; It may be different if you are using the AS/400.

    Good luck!
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    Do you know if it would work the same with Clarvision or is it specifically tuned to Vertex?

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