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Thread: One World XE SPC Auth Codes expiring

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    Quote Originally Posted by lhtey01 View Post
    My company may need to browse the history data after 19 years. Any solutions for this issue?

    Yes. The normal way would be to upgrade to a 64bit release. Luckily you have 19 years to do so.

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    JDE Expirty

    Hello, this URL no longer works, can you please provide which changes need to be made in the .INI file? We are receiving the expiration message today

    Quote Originally Posted by JEMILLER View Post
    Hi Mark,

    I dug a bit more and found that Oracle already addressed the June 2019 expiry in a document.


    At the end of the document they mention XE. The old JDE.INI setting BDSEC=ROBIN (backdoor security) trick which we used to use with standalone is the official way to get past June 2019.

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    Hi, this document no longer opens, we are getting this error today. Can you please provide specific steps of what needs to be done at the jde.ini file?

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    Hi Mark,

    Not sure if your issue is resolved yet. We are also on JDE Xe SP 24 and we have followed the steps in the Oracle white paper and it works so far.
    You are right jdesec*.* are not on the deployment server in SP24 but we were advised to copy jdeclnt*.* instead of the jdesec*.* .

    So we coped 8 files from the deployment server in total:

    So far, users are able to login JDE and no issues have been reported yet.
    Hope this helps.


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    Please check out the following white paper from Oracle:

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdechicago View Post
    Hello, this URL no longer works, can you please provide which changes need to be made in the .INI file? We are receiving the expiration message today
    Try this:

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    Has anyone tried installing the XE Client on a Windows 10 machine? We have been running B7333 for about 19 years and and upgraded our Deployment Server to 2008 last year. We used the BDSEC=ROBIN trick to fix our Win7 clients but now that we are trying to run on Win10, we are getting this message: License Violation You are not licensed to execute this application. for more information please contact your Oracle Sales Representative. I'm sure this has to do with XE not being certified on Win10, but has anyone found a work around?

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