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Thread: Import different sheets of single CSV file in to different E1 Tables

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    Question Import different sheets of single CSV file in to different E1 Tables


    I need your assistance on the requirements as "To import a single input CSV file which has three sheets to the three different custom JDE Tables" .
    Do we have any options in UBE to import different sheets of a single CSV to the three different E1 tables at a time.

    Appreciate your valuable inputs.

    JDE Application :E900
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    Unless I'm quite mistaken CSV files don't have "sheets". A CSV file is just a text file with a .CSV extension that has comma separated values.
    Your requestor probably doesn't realize this.
    Larry Jones
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    Thank you Larry for your reply.

    I am sorry. It is a Microsoft Excel document with three sheets which needs to be imported to E1 Custom tables.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.


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    If you spread those sheets out into single files, you have many options open to you. Does your data need to be in one file?

    I am not sure if Dropzone made by Stelitx can do multiple sheets, but it's designed to take an excel file and suck data into forms via 'magic' (AIS) Works really good.
    John Danter
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