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    Can anybody tell me how to upload List of Items in one shot into JDE from Excel ?

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    You could use one of the F4101Z1 screens, P4101Z1 headerless detail screen and then R4101Z1I
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    will take at least 2 ube's I believe. one for F4101 and one for F4102

    oracle doc: E1: 41: How to Create Item Master and Item Branch Plant Records Using Interoperability (R4101Z1I/P4101Z1/F4101/F4102/F4101Z1) (Doc ID 625451.1)
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    For each item in the F4101Z1 set the TNAC = A and ITBR = 1 for item master creation. Then add the same record and set ITBR = 2 to create an Item Branch record.

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