We have the following issue:

Our items are globally used and so the UOM's for items has been standardized for KG. When working in Europe and Asia this is fine (Issue in KG on Work orders etc)...BUT in the USA we have issues:

People see the partlist components in KG, need to convert this into GA to have the right values. After physical issue the GA need to be converted back to KG again and manually they fill in the right KG to be issued.

Following options came to my mind to resolve this:
- Component UOM in GA.....this resolves the issue in USA, but creates an issue in Europe/Asia
- Dual UOM, although the functionality is not made for this, and we still need to fill in KG and GA
- Get rid of global items and have separate versions of the item between KG and GA countries.... not the way we prefer to go.

As this seems a common problem, I can imagine some of you had this topic before. Happy to hear solution directions