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Thread: Tagging "Active" Locations versus 'Inactive"

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    Tagging "Active" Locations versus 'Inactive"

    To begin: We are not using Advance Warehousing or Transportation at this point (we could somewhere in the long term). We are being asked to measure our warehouse capacity levels across our 25 warehouses. I am trying to figure out a relatively easy way to review locations with inventory versus locations without inventory. (Not a super accurate measurement, I get it, but easiest to track and gets us what we need.)

    However, over time, we've created many locations that are no longer active. Additionally, we have a few "virtual" locations that store inventory as a holding step (such as a truck location while inventory is being transferred from warehouse A to warehouse B).

    Since you can't delete a location (or can't without losing data), I'm wondering if there is a way to put a category code on the locations so we can track what is a valid, active location and what is not. Then we can review our numbers based on that.

    Or does anyone else have an idea to help?

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    You can work out whether a location is being actively used from the Item Ledger. In terms of historical records, you'll want to do a purge of your secondary locations (F41021) if they are significant as their existence will be impacting system performance with regards to in line available quantity calculations.
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