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Thread: P4314 Pay Status Update based on FC Status

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    P4314 Pay Status Update based on FC Status


    We have some interconnections with another application, and many modifications have already been performed on the P4314. One of those mods populates the FC Status field in P4314 W4314A with a value. If that value is an "X", I want to change the Pay Status to an "H".

    I was trying to avoid modifying either of the XT4314ZN or XT4314Z2 BSFNs, to fix this issue, but I'm running out of options as far as I can tell.

    We're on E1 9.2.

    Prior to each F4314 Edit Line calls, I have added the condition:
    If FC Status = "X" Then
    GC PayStat = "H"
    End If

    Except before the calls to the form exits which pass the FI cPayStatusCode, in those cases I used this conditional:
    If FC Status = "X" Then
    FI cPayStatusCode = "H"
    End If

    The Grid updates, but when it posts to the F0411 it still inserts an "A" in the PST field.

    I know there's a lot of pieces to this application, so I'm hoping someone can point out something obvious that will solve my issue.


    Jonathan Theriot

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    This was resolved by implementing a loop on a fetchnext and an Update on the file, after the last line of code that was called by the application. I think it was in the End of Dialog event. What's odd is that same code didn't work after the End of Document, which I would've expected.



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