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Thread: JDE Trace Debug Question

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    JDE Trace Debug Question

    Hi Everyone..

    Pretty green to the dev part of JDE and just trying to make sense of reading the debug log via JDE Trace. I'm trying to run a UBE that is a copy of R49549 and it's not pulling the NN for the batch that would be assigned for the insert on F49590. However, I'm seeing an issue with the call against the X0010GetNextNumber BF. Any ideas on why it would throwing this?

    Any help or guidance would be tremendously appreciated.
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    Any chance when the UBE was copied, the read only checkbox was left on? If so, you'll see a Y in the Read Only Report Flag in OMW. See attached (though my example is not read only).

    If you open the debug log in notepad (or whatever), you may find more messages in there. JDETrace doesn't catch everything. Also just check the plain old JDE.LOG

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