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Thread: Where did everyone go?

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    Unhappy Where did everyone go?

    Wow, new threads / posts on JDELIST are down to a trickle.
    Where did everyone go?
    Larry Jones
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    I am still with you Larry but I lurk. I don't think I'll ever break 1,000 posts but I'll be here until at least 2030 or whenever they pry JDE from my cold dead hands.

    Here are some guesses, some more incendiary than others:

    1. The holiday season is upon us
    2. End of year, budgets have been consumed, in-house staff are in wind down mode, consultancies starving, no need to ask questions when there is no work
    3. Per Oracle-brand Kool-Aid inspired visions and sales commission structure for Cloud, on premise JDE (and everything else On-Prem) is dead, the march to the Cloud means you don't need external JDE technicians anymore. Oracle managed services handle it all for you. Just sign here ...
    4. We all know everything there is to know about JDE. It was only a matter of time before we ran out of questions.
    Justin Miller

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    Still here but it is our busiest season for the business so less development work in JDE and more support plus working on some non-JDE projects at the moment. Was yesterday JDEList's 18th birthday?
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    Larry, I will wish you a Merry Christmas if that helps

    I am busy traveling between North America and Europe for several months for a new global release of JDE 9.2 !

    I hope you are doing well !
    Christian Audet

    ** Shared Knowledge = Better Knowledge **

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