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Thread: Call OneWorld XE Business Function remotely

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    Call OneWorld XE Business Function remotely


    I need to call business functions on OneWorld XE (7333) from a Windows environment. Currently Peoplesoft XPI is installed doing that, but the goal is to replace it.

    Are there any sample applications that accomplish this easily? I tried Patwel's because it seems to work with about every release of E1, from 8.11 through 9.2. It gave me an error just trying to login.

    If someone has a link or attachment to a simple hello world type program that does that, it would be much appreciated.


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    In XE, you may need to enable the XML Call Object kernel on the Enterprise server (JDE.INI). See this Doc ID 1493561.1 on Oracle support. It's more of an overview but there are related docs at the bottom (interop guides) that will have the details.

    With that working, you can use a JDE thin client (subset of DLLs) and send XML Call Object requests from a remote windows native application. You can also use the java client JARs and write a Java program performing the same XML call to the enterprise server.

    There are several other ways to interface as you'll see in the interop guides, but we have found XMLCallObject to be the simplest.

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