Business needs: import from China requests to track the goods shipment from China harbor until the goods is arriving in Italy so RGP has implemented receiving cycle and update receiving with P4312 when the goods is moving from China harbor.
Nevertheless the supplier frequently ships the Purchase Order’s partial quantity so RGP needs to trace the following dates on P4021 (Demand & Offer Inquiry):
1) Date of arrival in Italy regarding the quantity shipped
2) Date of the future shipment of the remaining quantity of the Purchase Order line

Example :
OP 123 Supplier 4343 Item xxx
Order quantity 1000 ea on date 01.02.19

Receiving step :
Quantity received 800 date 28.11.19

The P4021 inquiry shows 2 different lines so the user could understand that only 800 pc are shipped by the supplier BUT the remaining quantity (200 pc ) still remains with the same date of arrival
The request is to manage both dates :
1) Partial shipment arrival
2) Remaining quantity future shipment preview
and obviously calculate correctly the available quantity on stock .