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Thread: Viewing PDF from a folder other than PrintQueue

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    Viewing PDF from a folder other than PrintQueue

    9.2, SQL Server.

    I want to duplicate the functionality in Work Submitted Jobs (P986110B) "View PDF" row exit but pointing to a different file/location. So basically I just want to open a PDF in a location other than PrintQueue.

    The code is using the "com.jdedwards.jas.ube" servlet and I don't see a way to point to a different folder or a named file (instead of job number.) Any ideas appreciated, I hope I'm missing a simple obvious solution.


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    actually it isn't that obvious. JDE has built in web server support to display those PrintQueue files.

    Things you can try:

    1. Compose a File URL on the fly and use the "GO URL" system function (File:\\ServerName\ShareName\xxxfolder\xxxfile.pdf
    Pros's: Easy to setup and Try - minor mod.
    Con's: User must have at minimum Read Access to Share/folder/file. Probably other cons but I'm kinda wonky from the heat here right now.

    2. Setup a Web Server (using IIS works) that exposes your pdf files and serves them up as requested. Again on the JDE side create a button or row exit that constructs the URL (http this time) and call GOTO URL function.
    Pro's: Security / access controlled at the web server. Remote users can access, better solution overall
    Con's: Extra 1 time setup effort
    Larry Jones
    E1 9.2 - TR on Win 2016 R2. SQL Server 2016
    Wintel, BI Publisher

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    Hi Todd,

    I was used some custom codes and scripts (erw) to outbound users' submitted jobs (PDF file) to another location (linux mount point, ftp out, windows shared).

    JDE also provided some report setting using the embedded bi publisher to outbound to other location in 9.2.
    I did not turn to use it coz it's a complex for me.

    Let say..
    "Saving Embedded BI Publisher Output to a Specific File Name/Folder"
    "Oracle BI Publisher (Embedded) Output to Specific File and Folder."
    "A featured of the Embedded BI Publisher capability is the ability to save the output to a file system for archival or other business needs. Customers can now control the naming convention or have the file name determined from the report data in the UBE. Additionally, customers can define specific folder names and locations for output."


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