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Thread: Does JAS logs capture c bsfn called from an application

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    Exclamation Does JAS logs capture c bsfn called from an application


    I am running an application which is calling c bsfn internally.

    I am trying to capture jas logs for this.

    Will the JAS logs contain only the button click information on application or it will capture the execution of C BSFN as well?


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    I believe it may show that a BSFN was called, but to see any logging info for the BSFN you will have to look at the debug log on the enterprise server.
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    just input supplied to data structure as values and after call output values as sequence without reference to BSFN structure. if you are looking at complete BSFN logs (like what how internal BSFN calls executed) during this process you will have to look at JDEDEBUG.log

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