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If I have any say in the matter, which I hope to, I am going for the latter approach. I definitely am against doing the same or similar work twice. If it takes longer to do it correctly the first time then that's something that the Powers That Be have to accept. Or not....
Maybe you could take a different approach, and instead of thinking of them as one off entries... bypass procurement altogether, using IM/IB interops.
Interop files are IMO a better choice when it comes to adding hundreds, or thousands of new inventory items anyways.

Come up with a plan to interop your inventory into IM/IB, then follow up with BOM build.
Could do as a single load, or multiple loads based on area, or asset. START to END plan... no need for procurement to get involved IMO, but you'd want them to be in the know, maybe setup a review step within your change management process so their is transparency between departments... in what's being loaded.
Do that, and I doubt they'd have an issue.