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Thread: Need to figure out User Date Format from Login ID

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    Need to figure out User Date Format from Login ID

    I have searched the forums and haven't found a solution to this.

    I have a table that has dates stored as strings. They would have been created based on the users date profile. So while I can use B0500720 to get the system format mask then use B0001390 to get the users format mask in a process run by a user, I haven't been able to find a function or API that would let me pass in a USER ID and it tell me what that users date format is.

    I am trying to write a conversion that will take the date in the users format and change it to a JDEDATE. The table has various formats. MM/DD/YY, MM/DD/YYY, YYYY/MM/DD, and YY/MM/DD and also some variations on seperator as well.

    Any Ideas?

    This is in 9.1 AS/400 but I don't think the solution should be that hard. Seems like someone would have had this kind of requirement before.

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    F00921.ULFRMT mate

    It uses UDC 00 DF and is entered in User Profile Revisions (JD Edwards Solution Explorer - User Options - User Profile Revisions)

    B9500928 (GetUserPreferenceInfoByUserID) , pass in the USER ID and it comes back with szDateFromat and a few other things too, time zone etc

    I don't think you can trust B0001390 as for me it brings back AOR, and I'm not I'm DMY
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    There is BSFN available to get the USER Date Format - B9500928.

    You will get additional information for that USER ID.


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