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Thread: RTF and XSL Template under same RD - PDF and XML output format for R42565

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    Question RTF and XSL Template under same RD - PDF and XML output format for R42565

    Good morning all,

    I would like to know if it is possible to have double output format for the invoices with BIP.
    Now I have a Report Definition connected with XSL Template, because for eletronic invoices we transform JDE XML into government eletronic invoice XML.

    Problem is that client ask to have PDF also, and trying to add to that Report Definition a RTF Template, system says the models should have same output type.

    Anyone may faced same/similar problem? Any workaround suggested?

    Thanks in advance,

    Camila F.

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    A workaround would be to train the users to republish the job using a different report definition. Have 2 report definitions, one for XML output and the other for PDF output. Decide which one is the default - the one R42565 uses when it runs. After the job is done, republish using the other report definition.

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    Thanks for your reply, jileto.
    Being a Lean company, it is not "poka yoke" solution leave it in the hands of the user.
    Thinking foward, I may change the batch for specific version, to do a call ube of it self, another version, that created the PDF...

    Before change the batch, I would like to check all possibles that I may have.


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    If you want an idiot-proof solution, then de-couple the process to produce the invoice - XML and PDF, from the process of sending them out.

    What I've done for a client was to produce all the output and pigeon-hole them in folders by company/customer - the BIP output are stored as files in network folders, not BLOBs in the database. Then we have a separate process that collates the output based on customer preferences. For example, some customers prefer to be emailed with the invoice as soon as it's produced. Some prefer to pile up their invoices and have them attached to their monthly AR statement. Some want to just go to a website and view the PDF. Some even want hard-copies to be snail-mailed - wasting oxygen producing trees.

    Point is, all the output has been generated beforehand and organized. So when it comes time to send them out, we just gather the pieces we need. Of course, that means "wasting" storage. But then storage is cheap compared to the price of non-compliance.
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    Hi Elica, I have a similar kind of requirement in which i have to convert the unformatted xml to a formatted one. Can you please guide how to do that?

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