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Thread: Requested BSSV Method cannot be Invoked

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    Requested BSSV Method cannot be Invoked

    I have created a BSSV and a C BSFN to consume a 3rd party service. When I call the BSFN through an interactive app, I get an error and the server log shows the following error -

    [SEVERE][BSSVFRAMEWORK][Context ID:] Requested BSSV Method oracle.e1.bssv.J5649040.UpsRateBusinessProcessor.g etUpsRate cannot be invoked: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException

    Does anyone have suggestions on debugging / troubleshooting the issue?


    Bijal Mehta
    E1 9.1 - TR on AS400 V7R1

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    Hey Bijal,

    Have you followed the steps given in below Oracle Document?

    E1: BSSV: How to test Consumer Sample running Locally on lntegrated Weblogic Server (Doc ID 1346096.1)

    I can test consumer BSSV successfully from JDE applications and reports or even Object browsers with the help of above document. Please check and let me know if you are still facing error.


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    Were you able to resolve the issue?

    I'm facing something similar when making Rest calls out. C BSFN calls bssv, bssv calls out to third party api, and returned values are inserted into a table. The test class within Jdeveloper makes the call successfully, however when deployed to the server, I face the same error.

    Requested BSSV Method cannot be invoked. java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException

    Anyway to see the full stack trace perhaps?

    E1 9.1., TR 9.1.5

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