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Thread: Printing German Characters

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    Printing German Characters

    We have a problem with printing German characters (double S and umlauts).
    Our printers are set correctly, Unix is set correctly (and can print these
    characters directly to the printer), oracle is at the correct language......

    Has anybody else had this or a similar problem with printing characters? Is
    it JDE? Is it Acrobat?

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


    OW Xe, Unix, Oracle 8.1.6, Citrix

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    Re: Printing German Characters


    We have a similar problem with bizarre characters printing out of pdfs created
    in Xe. The issue for us is that the shared printer queue we are using is
    situated on a Win NT server, and our clients are W2K. Putting the shared
    printer queue on a W2K server removes the problem. Also, printing directly from
    OW eliminates the problem. May be there is a similar thing happening with Unix
    and your Win clients????


    OW B732 & Xe U2 SP16, Oracle, Citrix 1.8 on 04/10/2001 15:16:08

    Chris Klupacs
    IS&T Manager Australian Vinyls
    OneWorld Xe U2 SP17 Wi2K Oracle 8.1.6 Citrix XP/W2K

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    Re: Printing German Characters

    Hello Matt,
    which version of Adonbe are you using? We had problems (NT-Solution) with
    Acrobat 4.0 english. We did an upgrade to 4.05 german and it is working fine.

    GMX - Die Kommunikationsplattform im Internet.

    Herbert Sickel
    XE at several sites, w MS-SQL2000, Oracle, WIN-NT, WIN2000, HP9000 with MC-Serviceguard,
    8..9 SP2 with Oracle and W2K - a great site!

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