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Thread: Demo Restore DD items

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    Demo Restore DD items

    I recently installed Demo 9.2 on Windows 10 (egads... Not supported . It seems to run fine. I have tried restoring some PAR files that were saved on the same release, but maybe a different tool release. Not sure what tools release the Demo version is. All went well, except the DD items did not restore. There is an OMW record, but it doesn't appear the DD tables were updated.

    Jde.log says:

    6344/6216 WRK:Starting jdeCallObject Mon Jan 09 13:46:52.989000 jdeddapi.c1730
    DDT0000015 - UpdateTamDD unsuccessful for item ZZZZZ

    6344/6216 WRK:Starting jdeCallObject Mon Jan 09 13:46:52.990000 jdb_rsd.c96
    JDB9900290 - Failed to read a valid dictionary struct

    6344/6216 WRK:Starting jdeCallObject Mon Jan 09 13:46:52.991000 jdb_rsd.c521
    JDB9900293 - Failed to read specifications

    Any ideas other than tools release?

    I could manually recreate, but there are a hundred or so and would be cumbersome and error prone.

    On a separate somewhat related note, is is possible to just drop the SYSTEM directory from system with a particular tools release, specifically for the purpose of restoring these PAR files? I would plan to revert back after.

    Thanks for any ideas

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    Just checking if anyone has any ideas.


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    I'm seeing similar on a 9.0 system. We recently split Data Dictionary - and when we import a .par - I see the same errors.

    Anyone - Thoughts?

    Daniel Bohner
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    One More bump.

    Just curious if anyone has figure out how to move DD items via PAR file. I have inpected the PAR file and all the embedded files and don't see anything that would prevent it from being it being restored.

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    Alexander Pastuhov

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    I was thinking the same Alex
    Larry Jones
    E1 9.2 - TR on Win 2016 R2. SQL Server 2016
    Wintel, BI Publisher

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