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Thread: JDE 9.2 Release questions

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    JDE 9.2 Release questions

    As I keep discussing with some of the technical folks, I am told that there is no straight path to upgrade to JDE Release 9.2 from any version prior to 9.0 (apart from Xe) and clients would have to upgrade to JDE 9.0 or 9.1 and then upgrade to JDE 9.2. I also understand that there is a specific migration path from Xe to 9.2 not for other releases. I have some specific questions on these and it would be of great help if it can clarified for a non-techie like me.

    a). Does this mean for clients who are in earlier versions have to undergo a two step process - first upgrade to JDE 9.1 and then JDE 9.2 - for me this just means double the effort. Am I correct in my assumption. Does additional time need to be factored in for planning an upgrade from to JDE 9.2 from say 8.9/1.10/8.11
    b). Would this would mean additional cost implication for clients planning an upgrade from 8.9/8.10/8.11 since they need to install both 9.1 and 9.2.
    c). Does this apply for completely custom objects - can developers boomerang objects directly from 8.9/8.10/8.11 to JDE 9.2



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    Beginning with Applications Release 9.2, a Simplified Upgrade is available. Whereas a Traditional Upgrade replaces all JD Edwards EnterpriseOne objects, the Simplified Upgrade process identifies and replaces only specific standard JD Edwards EnterpriseOne objects that have changed between from Applications Release 9.0 Update 2 or Release 9.1 to Applications Release 9.2. The Simplified Upgrade does not support upgrades from releases prior to 9.0 Update 2. If on an earlier release you must upgrade to 9.1 and then to 9.2.
    Al Marmero
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    I know that Oracle is touting this "Simplified Upgrade" process as a substantial new feature but in my opinion its a paper tiger.
    Any applications / UBEs that are highly used/visible in a JDE installation will be the same ones subject to both Oracle bug fixes/enhancements and user customization.
    I just don't see much benefit to it even for plain vanilla installs.

    Correct me if I'm wrong.
    Larry Jones
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    That was my exact reaction as well. My guess is we will still have to retrofit 95+% of pristine objects we have modified.

    Additionally, most if not all of the code updates we had to make as part of our upgrade to custom objects were due to changes in pristine objects - so nothing changes there.
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    Yeah, same here. Not really earth shattering.
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    I have been told that unless an organization is 100% code current a simplified upgrade will result in the "non-modified" objects from your current install (in our caste 9.0.2) that have been unchanged by oracle being moved to the 9.2 environment resulting in your organization not receiving any ESU's that you may not have taken for your current release or release in between. This would seem to be a huge issue and make the simplified upgrade of no value. Does anyone else have insight. We are just starting to plan our ESU and I am not a CNC (just a developer) but thought I would ask. Thanks.
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    Hi All !!

    Thank you for the above information on 9.2. I have custom NERs and BSSV objects developed JDE 8.11 which has to be now migrated to 9.2 tools release.
    I have couple of questions on this:

    1) Can we directly move the NER and BSSV objects from 8.11 to 9.2 through Boomerang?
    2) What changes may be required with respect to NER and BSSV objects?
    3) In one of the post on JDEList, I read that JAX-RPC is removed from BSSV, so how does that have impact on BSSV objects moved from 8.11 to 9.2 ?

    I would be very thankful for your suggestions and advice on this.

    Thanks and regards,

    Mahesh P. Bongale

    JDE Technical Consultant.
    PCB Apps. India Pvt. Ltd.
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    1) Straight from the horse's mouth: Sure you can ;-)
    2) NER's will be re-generated at the next build, but what they call may have changed across releases, so I guess you would have to go through the same process as with everything else, looking for any error messages and troubleshooting them one by one.
    3) Sorry, no idea.
    Alexander Pastuhov

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    Development of JAX-RPC BSSV’s is not supported using Jdev 12c, However we can still Build and Deploy the 11g JAX-RPC BSSVs using JDEV/WLS 12c
    BSSV packages can be built on either an E1 development client machine or on the Deployment Server (see respective Certification for more info)
    BSSV Supports the building and deploying of JAX-WS & JAX-RPC packages. However Building and Deploying JAX-RPC package with APPS 9.2 Release is NOT supported.
    The jde.ini on the E1 Client / Deployment server that is used to build BSSV Packages must be configured correctly. This configuration will change depending on which version of JDeveloper is used, whether the package being built is a JAX-WS , WebSphere JAX-RPC package, or WebLogic JAX-RPC package.
    Al Marmero
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    There is no direct upgrade path from the releases 8.9 - 8.11 even using traditional upgrade process. There is no TC schedule for these releases I am told.
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