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Thread: Track changes to Address Book numbers

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    Adding to what others have said, my thoughts below

    Firstly using the Interop Outbound feature to track changes is a great idea. Had not thought of it before.

    Both options (CFR11 Auditing and Interoperability ) require custom reports or screens to report / inquire against the audit data

    CFR11 option is implemented as a table trigger on the database , so this will also capture any changes done directly at the database level through SQL etc. Interop option will not.

    CFR option can let you track changes done to specific columns in addtion to the primary keys (which are always tracked) , but I believe Interop will always write out a record if anything is changed on the record .

    Interop option is easier to activate and turn on. CFR 11 requires some foundational setup work and then the table specific setup, service bounce , package build (If you want to query the A tables using JDE screens and Reports).

    If querying the audit data using external tools , it helps that the CFR audit tables have native date and time fields as opposed to JDE Juilan Dates.

    During Upgrades / table index changes through JDE etc , CFR auditing needs to be turned off and on again after the changes are made, Interop option is not affected by this
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    The auditing in CFR auditing is performed by the database, but managed within JDE. So, I would say the CFR auditing is also out-of-the-box.
    Jeremy Shearer

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