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Thread: Media Object Text Attachment in Chrome

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    Media Object Text Attachment in Chrome

    Hi All,

    We can see the Media Object Text attachment in IE but not in Chrome. From what I know this is a known issue, but is there a way/setting that can enable seeing it in Chrome. We are using JDE 9.1

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    The media object viewer and import/export from grid uses the ActiveX controls and, which only work in IE.

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    For Media Object (Text), you can disable ActiveX in the JAS settings. If you do that MO will be stored in HTML and you will be able to retrieve them with IE, Firefox and Chrome

    Franck BLETTNER

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    I was searching this thread and then found this today.

    It works but basically adds another address bar in Chrome that acts like an IE address bar. Clunky but it works.
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    We had a similar issue where things look wonky at times in other browsers than IE , so internally out IT and networking team have done is , when they open JDE link it automatically opens in IE .Some kind of a browser override .

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    Or you can just follow the wave and convert your MO Attachments to html ...
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