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Thread: Bursting Email

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    Bursting Email


    I use BI Publisher integrated to JDE Tools
    I want use P95620 bursting functionality to send invoices automatically.

    Example: JDE invoice output for 5 differents customers and each invoice has an email address of the customer.
    Invoice 1 -
    Invoice 2 -
    Invoice 5 -
    How can I send the invoice to the different customers?

    Because, in the Oracle Support I found this article: </font><blockquote><font class="small">En réponse à:</font><hr />
    "E1: XMLP: Example of Using Data Driven E-Mail with Embedded BI Publisher for EnterpriseOne [ID 659178.1]"

    [/ QUOTE ]
    Which says:
    </font><blockquote><font class="small">En réponse à:</font><hr />
    "Note: BI Publisher engine will retrieve e-mail addresses associated to the first Who's Who record (Line ID '0') associated to the address book number. Only e-mail addresses flagged as primary, i.e.: message indicator field set to '01' (primary electronic address) will be used. If more then one primary email address exists for the first Who's Who entry, then the report will be dlievered to all of them. Enhancement bug 11031154 was created to request a way to set diferent email categories so to have reports delivered based on this category."

    [/ QUOTE ]

    So, I have no workaround to do that.
    Any idea?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Bursting Email

    Bring the email id directly to the report output and pass that email id filed in the data driven filed.

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    Re: Bursting Email

    I think this article will answer your questions about bursting and emailing:
    Scott Beebe, CPM
    Senior Technical Consultant

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    Re: Bursting Email


    Have you implemented the email functionality. Let me know I will assist you in completing that.

    Vijay Vattiprolu
    Sr Consultant - JD Edwards
    E1 9.2 ,TR , Oracle 12C , IE 11
    formerly 9.1,8.12,8.11,8.0, Oracle 11G, SQL 2014,12,2008

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