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Thread: Technology SIG events at Collaborate...

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    Technology SIG events at Collaborate...

    I wanted to let everyone who's headed to Collaborate next week know about the events the Tech SIG has scheduled.

    Our general session is Sunday from 1-2PM in room 403.

    Six round tables will be held later that afternoon:
    2:15-3:15 System Administration (107400) Room 402
    2:15-3:15 User Interfaces (107830) Room 302
    3:30-4:30 Development (107840) Room 402
    3:30-4:30 EnterpriseOne Security (107390) Room 401
    3:30-4:30 Reporting and Batch Processing (107850) Room 403
    4:45-5:45 Web Configuration/Setup (107830) Room 401

    Also, the annual Geek Meet will be held at 8PM on Monday in room 201. Join us for a chance to hang out with other geeks and enjoy some refreshments and our Geek Poker game. You'll need a button to attend -- buttons will be available at the Tech SIG general session as well as the PeopleSoft Technology SIG meeting (2:15-3:15 Sunday in room 403) and the World User Group meeting (3:45-4:45 Monday in room 405).

    --Scotti Whitmire

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    Re: Technology SIG events at Collaborate...

    Hey Scotti

    I don't think I'm going to be able to make the SIG - but aside from the World meeting - anywhere else to pick up the buttons ?
    Jon Steel
    EnterpriseOne/SOA Technical Architect
    24/7 Assistance - (904) 382 5701

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