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Thread: ER Debugger - Invocation Error

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    ER Debugger - Invocation Error

    We have been having problem with our ER Debugger when debugging APPLs. It seems when we put a breakpoint in some spots (Like the OK button or Dialog End) the APPL just hangs and finally in the ER debugger we get an error message "ResumeProcess invocation Error. 0x1 (no response).". See the attachment for a screen shot. At which points things are pretty much dead. We have had this in muliple APPLs in different unrelated processes. I think it happens when a called form returns to the calling form (that has the breakpoint) and the Ok button is pressed or the form is closed via code instead of a user action. Not sure but I think that is the common thread.

    Before I contact Oracle support and embark on a lenghty process that will consume the next 8000 hours of my life has anyone else encountered this?

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