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Thread: PO Change Orders and Text Media Object Window

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    PO Change Orders and Text Media Object Window

    I have a request from the users regarding the entry of PO Change Order Revisions and entry of the Text Media Object window.

    As it is today, when you enter a Revision, E1 already will automatically pop-up the Text Media Object window so that you can "enter the reason for the change or whatever". What they have found is that the users can simply bypass the screen by just hitting Cancel or OK from that window and not have to enter anything.

    So the question is, "Is there any way to 'force' them to enter something into one of these windows so it is not left blank"? Or would we have to do some customization to the application to accomplish it.

    Sannan Solberg
    IT Functional Analyst/CreateForm
    E1 9.1/9.2 Tools 9.1/9.2
    CreateForm 7.x/CTIS

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    Re: PO Change Orders and Text Media Object Window

    You will have to modify the program. And while making the code change ensure that the user is not entering spaces but some real text.


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    I have the exact same requirement.What code changes do I need to make for making sure the Media object text is not blank. I tried to use corresponding system function GT4301A <Exist> but it doesn't work. Is there an alternative to achieve the result ?

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    PO revisions

    I have the same requirement. GT4301A <Exist> doesn't work. What is the alternative?

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