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Thread: Boomerang Lite error - Failed to change configuration

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    Boomerang Lite error - Failed to change configuration

    We get Boomerang packages from a third party software developer which we were successfully able to import until last week. What we did over the weekend is switched/upgraded our JDE system database to SQL Server 2008 R2. We haven't encountered any issues in JDE after the upgrade and migration.

    I'm not entirely sure if it is because of the SQL upgrade as I am able to import the objects in another environment. The issue only occurs if the environment is DV812. DV812 central objects still resides on the old server so nothing has changed on that front.. developers are able to create objects in DV812 as well.

    The error occurs once you click the import button and does not prompt for the input box where you enter the project name. I'm guessing it's trying to fetch something from the OL and does not have access to do so.

    Attached is the screen dump of the error.. any pointers on how to go about solving this is much appreciated. It happens to all boomerang packages even the ones I successfully imported until last week.


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    Re: Boomerang Lite error - Failed to change configuration

    Please check if you have anything in JDE.LOG at this time - there maybe clues there.

    This error does give you the table name - F00946. And this error is reported on opening this table. Is there an OCM map for it? Is it pointing to the right DSN? Is there any table security on this table for your User ID, Role or *PUBLIC that may apply? Can you open it successfully in UTB?

    It's some issue in the underlying JDE infrastructure, you will need to ensure that this table can be opened in JDE in this Environment, as this User on this PC...
    Alexander Pastuhov

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