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Thread: Commitment Integrity Purge Process Issues

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    Commitment Integrity Purge Process Issues

    Has anyone had problems with the commitment purge process? R40910 shows variances but when we run the purge process (R43199P, R00993, and R00932), the rebuild (R00993) isn't always rebuilding payments correctly. Just wanted to know if anyone else ran into this issue and what the resolution was. We are planning on redeploying the R00993 tonight.


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    Commitment Integrity Purge Process Issues

    Is it true that R00993 doesn't rebuild F43199 correctly after purging it ? And so, in turn F0902 doesnt get posted properly ?
    The reason for this is buisness function <font color="blue"> F0902 Update Commitment Ledger </font> Can please anyone suggest the solution for the same... So as we get the correct amounts posted in F0902
    Open commitment Integrity Issue..(R40910 , R43199P , R00993 , R00932)

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    Re: Commitment Integrity Purge Process Issues

    Did u get the solution for the issue mentioned by u ?
    Kindly let me know.. I am facing the same problem in my project.

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    Hi have u fixed the issue?
    I'm encountering the same issue, commitment integrity issues doesn't fix by PRR.

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