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Thread: Approvals Critical Field - Orders Still Requiring Approval

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    Thanks. Marcia. We are on 9.2. The override status is blank The critical fields in approval processing is set to 3.
    The next status on the Order Revision tab is blank. I removed the last status in the P43080 ( Critical Fields) and made it blank. When I cancelled one line on a multi line order, all the other lines went to a next status of 230. When I entered a next status of 230 on the Order Revisions tab, only the first line was cancelled which is great, However when you make a change to a line on the order e.g. increasing the quantity, the next status stays at 280 or only that line would change to 230. I may have to create a separate version of P4310 that only purchasing can cancel lines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pfd View Post
    You should refer to doc id 625683.1 on the Oracle support website. It explains this very well.
    The Override Next Status processing option sets the status for the system to override the next status on all lines in the purchase order. If both the Override Next Status processing option and Approvals processing options are populated in one version of Purchase Order Entry (P4310), the Override Next Status functionality will be used, and Approval Processing will not occur.
    Approvals processing options include the Approved and Pending Approval Statuses. This set of processing options allows the system to determine whether the lines on the order will be set to the Approved status or the Pending Approval status.
    When approval processing is activated the system should determine what the correct next status should be based on the approval logic.

    Hi Matt. I can't seem to access that doc id 625683.1. Is it possible to send it to me?


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