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Thread: Dynamic Java Connector Problems

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    Dynamic Java Connector Problems

    Environment 8.11, Tools 8.96
    1. For testing purposes we are using Dynamic Java Connector (according to the publication JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 8.96 Connectors Guide . publication ID= e1_TOOLS896TCN-B 0406. p 87-107 )
    2. We are calling the AddressBookMasterMBF function to ADD (A), Get/Inquiry(I) , Delete(D), Update/Change (C) records.
    3. We are able successfully execute Inquiry (we can get data from the existing address book records).
    4. We are getting exactly the same set of the errors whether we are using server side J2C connector on the execution A, D, C codes
    Here are the errors that we receive:
    Fail to write to the connector log:null
    Error-N0100041.AddressBookMasterMBF-/OneWorld/Packages/PY811FF/source/COPBASE/b0000175.c-2488-Error: Records Not Selected
    Error-N0100041.AddressBookMasterMBF-/OneWorld/Packages/PY811FF/source/COPBASE/b0000175.c-049B-Error: Next Number Not Found

    In all test cases the database operations on the F0101 file are successful but the program hangs on ExecutableMethod.execute(sessionID) and does not return BSFNExecutionWarning and produce ApplicationException with tread in memory
    Any ideas what todo with issue ?

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    Re: Dynamic Java Connector Problems


    I have never used Dynamic Java Connector till now, however I came across post # 155669 related to this topic a few weeks ago.

    Check if it is of any help to you.


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    Create JDEAB/JDESM/JDECM records in P47002 for Inbound and Outbound
    Arjun Damodar

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