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Thread: Upgrade TR 8.97 to 8.98 with Vertex

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    Upgrade TR 8.97 to 8.98 with Vertex


    The client is using Vertex Payroll system with 8.12.

    They are on iseries AS400 V5R4 and need to upgrade Tool Release from 8.97 to 8.98.

    I need to know is there any implication on Vertex Payroll if we upgrade from TR 8.97 to 8.98.

    I know this question is more on JDE CNC, but thought to get help from Veretx team.


    OneWorld XE SP23, Sun Solaris V440
    EnterpriseOne 8.11 8.96, AS/400 V5R4.
    EnterpriseOne 8.12 8.97, Sun Solaris 10, Oracle 10g.

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    Re: Upgrade TR 8.97 to 8.98 with Vertex

    Hi ;

    I recently upgraded TR from 8.96 to 8.98 and had no issues whatsoever with Vertex 2.9.2.

    Win2K3 Application Server with SQLServer 2005. Our vertex is installed as ISAM.

    Just a small note - after April 1, 2010 you must upgrade vertex to 2.9.4 or later to install vertex data updates.

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    Re: Upgrade TR 8.97 to 8.98 with Vertex


    Check if Tools 898 supports V5R4 release, otherwise you
    may be forced to upgrade to V5R4M5 or V6R1.
    Sebastian Sajaroff
    CNC - B7321 to E900

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    Re: Upgrade TR 8.97 to 8.98 with Vertex

    We have multiple E1 instances running on TR both on V5R4M0 and V6R1M0, no issues with Vertex.
    CNC Administrator

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