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Thread: Emailing of invoices in a large batch question

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    Emailing of invoices in a large batch question

    We have large email batches (100-150) pages per batch. Each batch can have many different customers. Is it possible for Formscape to cut each page of the PDF and email that to the correct customer? Currently we are still on V2.4.2. We are looking to upgrade to the newest version. Right now we print out the invoices, a user will bunch them together based on customer, then scan and email them to the correct customer. We would like to cut this part out and just have Formscape take apart the PDF page by page, group the customers together and then email all the invoices for that customer.


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    Re: Emailing of invoices in a large batch question


    Yes this is possible

    But in order to do this you must pass the customer email in the Invoice. If you have a custom invoice report you could make this easy, If you use R42565 (like us), you must customize it to pass the proper data.

    Then you could print each invoice as a separate pdf and create an invoice index by customer, then you could use this index to prepare and send mails
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