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Thread: Unable to establish connection with Broker - DEMO 9.0

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    Unable to establish connection with Broker - DEMO 9.0

    I have a Standalone 9.0 with Oracle DB. The installation was successful, and JDE also starts correctly (fat & web client). But when I try to start the debugger it gives me the following:
    "Unable to establish connection with Broker."
    And then it says:
    "Debugger initialization failed. Unable to continue. See logs for details".

    This is what the jde.log has to say:

    8284/4612 MAIN_THREAD Mon Oct 12 19:37:34.116000 BPMSoapServer.cpp44
    Can't instantiate E1Soap SoapDispatch. Verify that E1Soap.dll is registered.

    8284/4612 MAIN_THREAD Mon Oct 12 19:37:34.117000 Debugger.cpp293
    [Debugger] Failed to initialize ERDebuggerService2 service via WSDL: C:\E900\System\Bin32\ERDebuggerService2.WSDL

    Any pointers would be highly apreciated.


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    Re: Unable to establish connection with Broker - DEMO 9.0

    Are you talking about Event Rules Debugger under Object Management ? Please see screenshot. If yes, then=A0it runs very well in DEMO (both Oracle and Sql Database).

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