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Thread: Is anyone using Vertex O Series?

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    Is anyone using Vertex O Series?

    Is there anyone out there that is using Vertex O Series?
    If you are using this series did it integrate with JDE out of the box or did it require modifications from Vertex Support?
    I understand that Oracle has no intentions of supporting O Series but we need the functionality of ZIP +4.
    We are considering implementing on E1 9.0.
    On the other hand has anyone been able to use the Q Series and support ZIP +4?


    Pat Kelly

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    Re: Is anyone using Vertex O Series?

    You will have to build you own interface to the O-Series of Vertex.=A0 =0A =0A=0A=0A=0A

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    Vertex has a connector that has passed the OVI process.

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    old post didn't catch it.
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