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Thread: get data selection

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    Re: get data selection

    I appreciate you all for your great efforts.But i have a small query.

    Suppose if a data selection has values like:

    Where AN8 = BLANK
    AND AN8 = NULL.

    In this case, your code could not be able to print Blank Or null values for right operand.

    Even I am working on this issue on how to identity a math Numeric variable to be blank or null ?

    I know math numeric never hold blank or null, but if user enter as blank or null we have to print it on our report.

    It would be great if any one of you provide me the code on how to check whether math numeric fiels is Blank/Null in C-BSFN
    Rahul vaneldas
    JDE Technical consultant
    E 8.11

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    I have just come across this as I have the same issue now where I need to print the data selections on the report. Anyway , I created the data structure and created the business function using the attached code. I have put it into my program and have called it but nothing it getting passed . Can anybody assist me as to what I may be doing wrong, thanks in advance



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    Hi all !I also have to face this issue a few days ago this is very difficult situation for me selection of the data .I also added many different program both i'm fail but now i have resolve this problem.Thanks.

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    muchas gracias *ven*

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    Thanks for information.

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