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Thread: Pop-Up View PDF automatically

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    Pop-Up View PDF automatically


    We have a requirement where we need to develop a custom application. Internally this application needs to fire a UBE with a set of FC values in the data structure. Once the UBE is submitted and executed the requirement is that the output PDF for this UBE should be popped up automatically to the user. We have written a BSFN logic to retrieve the job number, it is fetching the job number properly. Next we need to check the status of the Job. For this also we have written a custom BSFN to fetch the Job Status. Now for the PDF pop-up we have coded the same logic as that of "View PDF" in Submitted Jobs. We check the Job Status code for "D" before creating the pop up URL. But, when we run it on server the URL link pops off immediately with an Error "UBE: Retrieve of UBE file failed. The file may not exist on Enterprise Server." But, the job is still in the processing stage.

    We are on E811 SP1 and tool release 8.97

    OneWorld Xe,8.10, 8.12, 9.0. WIndows/Unix/iSeries. SQLServer/Oracle/DB2 for iSeries.

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    Re: Pop-Up View PDF automatically

    We are on Xe, and I had a simialr requiremnent. I wrote this BSFN, and then call it from the row exit:

    Listing of ER for Named ER: N553112K

    ================================================== =====================
    NAMED ER: ProgramCaller
    ================================================== =====================
    0001 Print the Shift Report to the Screen
    BF szProgramId <> szProgramId
    BF szVersionconsolidated <> szVersionconsolidated
    BF cJobStatus <- cJobStatus
    BF mnDocumentOrderInvoiceE -> mnDocumentOrderInvoiceE
    BF szCostCenter -> szCostCenter
    BF cShiftCode -> cShiftCode
    BF jdDateTransactionJulian -> jdDateTransactionJulian
    BF mnUserReservedNumber <- mnUserReservedNumber
    BF cFlagGlobalUpdateAsynchPro -> cFlagGlobalUpdateAsynchPro
    BF cPrintImmediate -> cPrintImmediate
    0002 VA evt_ExecutionHostName = "XXXXXX"
    0003 VA evt_JobstatusOW = "D"
    0004 Wait x seconds
    "2" <> mnReceiverWaitSeconds
    0005 F986110 DS OVERRIDE
    VA evt_ExecutionHostName <> szDatabasepath
    0006 F986110.Fetch Single
    VA evt_JobstatusOW <- TK Job Status
    BF mnUserReservedNumber = TK Server Job Number
    VA evt_ExecutionHostName = TK Execution Host Name
    0007 While VA evt_Counter is less than "30"
    And VA evt_JobstatusOW is not equal to "D"
    0008 F986110.Fetch Single
    VA evt_JobstatusOW <- TK Job Status
    BF mnUserReservedNumber = TK Server Job Number
    VA evt_ExecutionHostName = TK Execution Host Name
    0009 VA evt_Counter = [VA evt_Counter]+1
    0010 Wait x seconds
    "2" <> mnReceiverWaitSeconds
    0011 End While
    0012 If VA evt_JobstatusOW is equal to "D"
    0013 Print F986110
    BF mnUserReservedNumber -> mnServerjobnumber
    "XXXXXX" -> szExecutionhostname
    "VW" -> szJobstatus
    UNDEFINED X szPortNumber
    UNDEFINED X szJobQueue
    UNDEFINED X szQueueType
    UNDEFINED X szToJobQueue
    UNDEFINED X szJobPriority
    0014 End If

    Tuesday April 28, 2009 14:00
    OneWorld Xe SP22 AS/400 V5R2

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    Re: Pop-Up View PDF automatically

    Please look at our Total Rapport solution - it does that.
    Alexander Pastuhov

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