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Thread: Suppress blank lines on the BI output

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    Suppress blank lines on the BI output

    Does anyone know how to suppress blank lines on the BI output? (the problem is if there is a suppress section write on the JDE output - BI creates a blank line - And I believe Oracle is working on an enhancement for this issue)

    Does anyone know another workaround to this issue? Suppress blank lines in BI output???

    any suggestions aprreciated.



    - Currently working on E1 9.2, TR , SQL 2016 , Microsoft windows x64 (64 bit), IE 11
    - Worked on E1 9.0 ,TR , SQL 2008 R2 , IE 11
    - have worked on B7322, XE Release B7333, B7334 (as400/sql 2005 Win 2003); E1 8.12(Oracle 10g OAS

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    Re: Suppress blank lines on the BI output

    Hy! i had the some problem and i find a way that worked for me! in my case in stock report i make a supression section right if the quantity of the stock are 0 ! in work when i made a preview the lines that have stock 0 appears in blank! what i do was , inside of the row in first column i made <?if:number(QuantityActualStock_LvOnItm_ID10)&g t;0 , u have an condition to made a supress right? so made an if statment that only show the row when the condition are true! sorry my bad english. Hope u understand.

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