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Thread: Error with activating security

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    Error with activating security

    Migration of B7322 - XE
    Platform: NT - Oracle 8.0.6

    After carrying out the migration process I have followed the habitual steps:
    1. - to install the Enterprise Server NT.
    2. - to throw a porttest for each environment.
    3.- To install and to activate the services OneWorld.
    4. - to install a client.

    The problem happens when the security is activated in the enterprise server with the process of users' sure fact creation, observing 2 problems.

    1. - if the security is activated in the client, the system it doesn't stop of showing a window where the name of the instance appears Oracle requesting the user and password for the database. He doesn't give had been worth any user-password, neither neither you can leave this window.
    2. - I have observed that in the Enterprise Server, when the security, the line service is activated he gets up during 1 second and it disappears.

    A Greeting and Thank you.
    Manuel Hernandez. Consultant CNC.


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    Re: Error with activating security

    Ensure security server is activated in client jde.ini,
    server jde.ini and that each user has System
    User/System password in place.

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    Re: Error with activating security

    Ok. But the base problem is simply that when activating the Security Server in the jde.ini of the enterprise, the services don't ascend correctly, bony the jdenet this well, but the jdequeue lifts 3 queues initially and it eliminates them later one second.

    A Greeting. Thank you.
    Manuel Hernandez. Consultant CNC.


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    Re: Error with activating security


    Ensure that when you bring the network service down
    that all killqueue processes are finished before
    stopping queue service. What you describe below seems
    to indicate that services were not brought down
    cleanly. You might also want to set the security
    kernel to autostart.

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