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Thread: Periodic Maintenance - Cross Reference Rebuild

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    Periodic Maintenance - Cross Reference Rebuild

    Maintenance Item - Cross Reference Rebuild

    Description - The Cross Reference Facility (P980011) shows E1 object relationships. The relationships between E1 objects are stored in two tables - F980011 and F980021. The Cross Reference rebuild should be done periodically to ensure that new objects or changed relationships changed show up in P980011.

    Method - R980011

    Frequency - Monthly

    Notes- Use update mode after initial run. Data selection for update mode is Date updated [UPMJ] >= [last run date]. Rebuild the indexes afterward on tables F980011 and F980021. The Cross Reference rebuild operation is environment specific so ensure that you are in the correct environment. I usually only build Cross Reference in DV as the tables can be quite large.

    Warnings - This initial Cross Reference build process can generate *very* large tables (over 10GB) so make sure you have the necessary disk space prior to beginning. This operation can also take a looooong time and consume disk IO and CPU resources on the database server. Best to do the initial Cross Reference build during the weekend. The update Cross Reference build is not so intense.

    Run Method - Manual submission from a fat client.

    Disclaimer - As with all postings please ask questions on the forum and do not contact me personally unless:

    1) you are my buddy and want to buy me a beer, 2) you wish to tell me "Happy Birthday" or 3) you wish to engage my services during December and your company is in Miami.

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    Re: Periodic Maintenance - Cross Reference Rebuild

    Thank you for the information.

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