Maintenance Item - Clear Submitted Jobs

Description - UBE's submitted leave a record in Work With Submitted jobs and a PDF (and UBE logs) in the PrintQueue directory on the enterprise server. One can manually clear the WSJ list (which *should* delete the PDF's/Logs from PrintQueue or you can run the R9861101 .

Denver will tell you that this job needs to be run locally but I have made it work in the past from scheduler submitted to an enterprise server. On other systems, no such luck. This was in my notes and I may get it to be dependable some day:

"You must have the target server in Logical Datasources in the Server Map for the environment (server?) in (on?) which the job (scheduler server?) is running"

Regardless, the R9861101 is a useful method to clear WSJ and PrintQueue. Keep in mind that some versions of E1 (8.11) have a bug and PrintQueue does not get cleared on R9861101 run.

Method - R9861101

Frequency - Weekly

Notes- Set to remove jobs older than x number of days, where x is a number negotiated between the business and the IT department. The IT department wants to minimize disk space usage and the business wants to maximize the amount of time a report can be retrieved. As the CNC person, this is kinda like throwing a steak into a group of dogs then stepping back and watching the fun- let them fight it out.

Run Method - Scheduler if possible, otherwise locally on a fat client.

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