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Thread: Changed PO lines requiring re-approval

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    Changed PO lines requiring re-approval

    We're currently on ERP 8.0.
    I'm currently in the process of setting up PO approvals (i.e. approval status 220/230). I've noticed that once the PO is approved and the line is changed (either quantity or amount), the line doesn't go back to "pending" approval, it will stay at 220/280 which is already approved.

    Does anyone know if this is a limitation on this release?

    ERP 8.12

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    Re: Changed PO lines requiring re-approval


    You should force the lines back to 230 next status using the PO options of the P4310
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    Re: Changed PO lines requiring re-approval

    It is a limitation for your release. I recently implemented PO Approval for 8.11. 8.9 and later will force it back into Approval if it is changed.

    I am attaching a Oracle document about changes in 8.9.
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    Re: Changed PO lines requiring re-approval

    There is a functionality to reapprove the lines on changes to specific fields in P4310


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