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Thread: Can we customize JDE Web Welcome page?

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    Can we customize JDE Web Welcome page?

    Has anyone customize the JDE web welcome page users see when they sign on? If possible, we would like to customize this to have clickable text to link to JDE application for ESS. Appreciate your help.

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    Re: Can we customize JDE Web Welcome page?


    Yes - the page(s) are customizable, to a degree. Most clients change the
    heading to reflect the Client Name (replace Peoplesoft, JD Edwards or Oracle
    - with their own logo).

    When testing - always make sure have a backup of the original page. Also -
    consider the use of Beyond Compare ( for comparing the
    original against the 'changed'.


    Daniel Bohner
    Independent E1 Developer/Techno-Functional Consultant
    www.JDERESEARCH.COM | 208.495.4JDE

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    Re: Can we customize JDE Web Welcome page?

    You will have to change javascript to insert link to other apps. But as Dan said you need to be very cautious of what you are doing. as Oracle does not support the changed scripts.

    Happy changing.

    Chandrakant Rana
    E1 Xe-9.0, AS/400, XML, BSSV
    E1 Integration,C,HTML,Java,CreateForm 3.0

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