Any known issues with Vertex Q Series on 8.12 - Solaris, Oracle 10.2? I have everything installed properly and setup and the Form to test the connection from JDE to Vertex P73GEO is working just fine. I also ran the R730101 - Geo Code population and it worked fine. All setup looks perfect but I get an error when trying to assign a geo code manually in the customer master and if the geo code is already populated there is an issue with SOE(P4210). Even if I try to override it in SOE. I get an error that it does not find the geo code in vertex then I get an error say that it does not find it in F4008 which it should not even be looking at if Vertex is setup correctly. It seems to be trying to validate it in both places and both fail? Any help.

Again, Vertex Q Seriies 3.2, Sloaris 32 bit, DB Oracle 10.2.

Thanks ~ Angelis