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Thread: Citrix Performance

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    Citrix Performance

    We have on Citrix OW and also Excel, Word and Outlook. We use three servers with good power each one. The three share all those applications.
    We have 45 concurrents OW users, and severals more of Excel and the others applications.
    Do you think it's a lot for three servers? What's your opinion? Have experience on it?

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    Re: Citrix Performance

    Depends on the size of the machines. For a HP G4 with dual processor machines and 4GB of ram, we load at 15 users per box. When we take the system down for maintanence, we get 25 per box. Still runs fine.

    Everything depends on your users. Exporting data from a grid to excel WILL take a processor on the server. If 2 people do that at the same time....

    Everyone's milage will vary.
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    Re: Citrix Performance

    The common rule of thumb is as follows :

    size 32 users per box. Try to size the farm so that no more than 40-50 users are on a box if a box fails.

    I'd suggest a MINIMUM of 2Gb of memory for each server, as fast a set of dual processors as you can get, and 6x15K RPM Drives with two set up mirrored for OS and 4 set up as RAID5 for Oneworld applications.

    Beyond that, always use gigabit and follow the other rules that you can see in this forum that I have posted. The idea is to get as fast performance as possible while also providing bullet-proof reliability on the back end.
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