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Thread: jobs seen in PD, but not in JPD

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    jobs seen in PD, but not in JPD

    Hi All,
    Wish your guys a good day.
    This is a JDE 8.10 installation with Tools Rlease 8.96 H1. I use a fat client to access JDE. I just noticed that if I submitted UBE job in PD810/JPD810 environments, I can always check the status of the job in PD810, by using WSJ(Work with Server Jobs). But I just not able to find any job in JPD810 environment.
    I checked the OCM mapping for F986110, they are exactly the same for PD810 and JPD810. They are always pointed to System - 810 data souce. I know that with WSJ, it will be redirected to the <Server> - 810 Server Map data source. But why does it only works for PD810, not JPD810?

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    Re: jobs seen in PD, but not in JPD

    I just found out that if I add an OCM mapping for BSFN B9861101 to LOCAL for JPD810 environment, problem just solved. Does it mean B9861101 has to ben run locally? How if the user is login through web?

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    Re: jobs seen in PD, but not in JPD

    Not sure how that works, but I just checked my OCM mappings and I have that bsfn mapped locally for all my web environments. And we don't have any problems.

    Andrew Dowdall

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