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Thread: Cost Comparison AS400 vs. HP/oracle

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    Cost Comparison AS400 vs. HP/oracle

    In looking at OneWorld I have been asked several times for cost comparison of running 350 concurrent users on AS400 vs HP/Oracle.
    Has anyone done this comparsion before? Any input?

    A7.3.9 looking at XE, AS400 model 740

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    RE: Cost Comparison AS400 vs. HP/oracle

    Look at support/overhead issues. For instance DBA's etc. (no DBA needed on
    Cost of support;
    AS400 Admin vs. Unix/HP admin rates.
    Licensing fees / maintenance fees

    Expect an HP/Unix/Oracle enviroment to take 2-4 more bodies to administer.

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    Re: Cost Comparison AS400 vs. HP/oracle

    What is the current configuration? Are you AS400 and running JDE or are you HP or something else?
    If you are running JDE World on an AS400 the argument to continue in an AS400 environment can be very compelling.
    We are running JDE World on an AS400 with over 1000 users and could not even come close to a cost justification for changing our platform. The retraining costs, the additional overhead required for an Oracle DB, the hardware costs were far to much to over come.
    Not to mention we love our AS400 for it's reliability and the opportunity for a slow migration to One World co-existrance.
    Don't have any hard numbers, but I would be greatly surprised to find an HP/Oracle implementation to be more cost effective than an AS400 and I would be even more surprised to find one that outperforms an AS400 installation.

    A73 .11_X3XE
    B7333 SP20_I1_Update6
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    RE: Cost Comparison AS400 vs. HP/oracle

    I must agree. The last customer I worked for purchased AS/400 and DB2 for
    the JDE platform. The remaining applications in the company ran RS/6000 and
    SQL. The platform ran great. When the company looked at downsizing it's
    operations. They made the decision to migrate JDE or the existing RS/6000
    systems using Oracle. When I began to inquire with the JDEList community
    concerning the migration, the main question I got back was WHY? The general
    consciences (and I must agree) is that the AS/400 platform requires less
    administration and is solid. I also can't give you any hard figures, but if
    you can put a price on fewer headaches with you installed solution... I
    would start with that.

    XE SP16.1/Update1
    Solaris/Oracle 8.1.6
    WTS 2000

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    Re: Cost Comparison AS400 vs. HP/oracle

    Couldn't have said it better myself...

    On Thu, 3 May 2001, Birddog wrote:

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    Re: Cost Comparison AS400 vs. HP/oracle

    I'll bet that Managers of AS400 shops sleep better at night than of other platforms.

    One World Xe B7333 SP13, World 7.3, AS400 File Server, NT 4.0 Deployment Server, EDI TrustedLink E Version 5 (Premenos)
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