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Thread: Email PDF Output

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    Email PDF Output

    Hi All,

    I am currently working on OneWorld Xe.

    I have a report let say 'A' which print vendor information. I need to run this report for different vendor and have it emailed to corresponding vendor email address. I will be running this report on server.

    To send the email, I have created a driver report which will call report A for different vendor number. The issue here is I need to get Job Number for pdf location.
    I tried using Launch Batch Application, but then I will not be able to send report interconnect value (for this example, I need to send the vendor address for which Report A needs to be run).

    Can anybody help me with this.

    Thanks in advance,


    XE.,EnterpriseOne 8.9, 8.10, 8.11,8.12
    Win2K , Oracle

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    Re: Email PDF Output


    Is it possible to pass the Vendor number using a different method, other than via report interconnect values? For example a custom UDC.
    Thanks, Peter

    "Give a person a fish, feed them for a day, teach them how to fish, feed them for a lifetime."

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    Re: Email PDF Output

    Hi Peter,

    It will be difficult for me to use UDC because the total number of vendor is not static. And lets say if I use UDC how will my driver report come to know which PDF is for which vendor.
    XE.,EnterpriseOne 8.9, 8.10, 8.11,8.12
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    Re: Email PDF Output

    The only quite sure way I know's to get the job number is to use call driven by BSFN. Then the UBELaunch Api can be used to the job number.
    Another solution, but untested on UBE, is to reproduce the Get UBE sequence on the BV/IV program. I know it work on a client but i ddin't used it on a server. If yopu tried, please give the result.
    Serge Viardot
    Consultant Technique JDE
    Cap Gemini

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    Re: Email PDF Output


    if i got it right, you need the job number and location where pdf is getting
    created fine, so that you can make out the report name and send it using
    some bsfn??

    you can use LaunchUBEEx API to launch the UBE, it will return you a job
    number, using it you can make the string of Report pdf and can send it to
    vendor e-mail ID.

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    Re: Email PDF Output

    Any Idea if Retrieve ComputerID & Job Number(B76A0440) can be used or not?
    XE.,EnterpriseOne 8.9, 8.10, 8.11,8.12
    Win2K , Oracle

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    Re: Email PDF Output


    my kludge of a solution to this problem is to have the driver UBE write the parameters needed (Vendor Number in your case) to a database table that is then read by "Report A" when it starts. Its not elegant, it has potential issues, but it can work.
    Larry Jones
    E1 9.2 - TR on Win 2016 R2. SQL Server 2016
    Wintel, BI Publisher

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    Re: Email PDF Output

    Good morning! I had the same situation and was able to execute the following codes to email payment information to different vendors - but it was done in B9 which should work well for XE.

    What I did was create a driver program (e.g. R55DRIVER) call on the vendor detail program (e.g. R55PMT) by passing the vendor # thru a report interconnect. In the R55PMT, I added the following codes at the Report Level Event Rule Operations (you will access this within RDA by clicking on 'File', 'Event Rule Operation' and 'Edit Report Level Event Rules'):

    ================================================== =====================
    ================================================== =====================
    EVENT: End Report (future)
    0001 VA evt_JobstatusOW = "P"
    0002 VA evt_EmailAddressFrom = "ACH Distribution System"
    0003 VA evt_EmailSubject = "ACH Payment Register"
    0004 Get Audit Information
    VA evt_MachineKey <- szMachineKey
    0005 Get UBE Output Path
    SL ReportName -> szSRCNameObject_OBNM
    SL LoginEnvironment -> szEnvironmentName_ENHV
    VA evt_PathInput <- szPathFlatFile_NFLF
    VA evt_MachineUsage <- szMachineUsage_USAGE
    If VA evt_MachineUsage is equal to "20"
    0006 // ***UBE was ran on a server
    0007 Retrieve Process and Transaction IDs
    VA evt_ServerProcessID <> mnProcessID
    0008 F986110.Select
    VA evt_JobstatusOW = TK Job Status
    SL UserID = TK User ID
    VA evt_MachineKey = TK Execution Host Name
    0009 F986110.Fetch Next
    VA evt_ProcessID <- TK Server Process ID
    VA evt_JobName <- TK Foundation - Future Use 2
    While VA evt_ProcessID is not equal to VA evt_ServerProcessID And SV File_IO_Status is not equal to CO ERROR
    0010 F986110.Fetch Next
    VA evt_ProcessID <- TK Server Process ID
    VA evt_JobName <- TK Foundation - Future Use 2
    0011 End While
    0012 //
    0013 VA evt_PathInput = concat([VA evt_PathInput],rtrim([VA evt_JobName],' ' ))
    0014 VA evt_PathInput = concat([VA evt_PathInput],'.PDF')
    0015 VA evt_FileInput = VA evt_JobName
    0016 //
    0017 Else
    0018 // ***UBE was ran on a client
    0019 //
    0020 VA evt_Day_2Chr = lpad(date_day([SL DateToday ]),'0',2)
    0021 VA evt_Month_Chr = lpad(date_month([SL DateToday ]),'0',2)
    0022 //
    0023 VA evt_FileInput = SL ReportName
    0024 VA evt_FileInput = concat(rtrim([VA evt_FileInput],' ' ),'_' )
    0025 VA evt_FileInput = concat(rtrim([VA evt_FileInput],' '),rtrim([SL VersionName ],' '))
    0026 VA evt_FileInput = concat(rtrim([VA evt_FileInput],' '),'_D')
    0027 VA evt_FileInput = concat(rtrim([VA evt_FileInput],' '),substr(date_year([SL DateToday ]),2,2 ))
    0028 VA evt_FileInput = concat(rtrim([VA evt_FileInput],' '),[VA evt_Month_Chr])
    0029 VA evt_FileInput = concat(rtrim([VA evt_FileInput],' '),[VA evt_Day_2Chr])
    0030 VA evt_FileInput = concat(rtrim([VA evt_FileInput],' '),'_T*.PDF' )
    0031 VA evt_FileInput = concat([VA evt_PathInput],[VA evt_FileInput])
    0032 Find a file that matches a String with Wildcards
    VA evt_FileInput -> szFileorPathToFind
    VA evt_FileInput <- szFoundFileorPath
    0033 VA evt_PathInput = concat([VA evt_PathInput],[VA evt_FileInput])
    0034 //
    0035 End If
    0036 //
    0037 VA evt_ElectronicAddressType = "E"
    0038 VA evt_LineNumberID = "0"
    0039 F01151.Select
    PC Address Number (F58CLD01) = TK Address Number
    VA evt_LineNumberID = TK Who's Who Line Number - ID
    VA evt_ElectronicAddressType = TK Electronic Address Type
    0040 F01151.Fetch Next
    VA evt_VendorEmailAddress <- TK Electronic Address
    If SV File_IO_Status is equal to CO SUCCESS
    0041 VA evt_Subject = concat("ACH Payment Detail - Vendor #",concat([PC Address Number (F58CLD01) (AN8)],concat("_",[SL DateToday ] )))
    0042 Send E-Mail - HRM
    PO EmailFrom -> szFrom
    VA evt_VendorEmailAddress -> szTo
    PO EmailTo -> szCC
    VA evt_Subject -> szSubject
    <Blank> -> szMessageTextChar256
    "1" -> cIncludeAttachmentFlag01
    VA rpt_DirectoryPath -> szNameOfAttachmentFile
    0043 End If

    Note - It is important that this piece of code is placed at the Report Level ER because you want to retrieve the pdf after the entire report is completed.

    I hope this helps you. Good luck!
    One World
    B9 - SP3
    Oracle 10G

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    Re: Email PDF Output

    I just realized that it would be easier to read the codes if I attached the file. Here you go -
    Attached Files Attached Files
    One World
    B9 - SP3
    Oracle 10G

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    Re: Email PDF Output


    I used it, works fine (at least on Xe).
    Sebastian Sajaroff
    CNC - B7321 to E900

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