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Thread: Archive/Purge Proces

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    Archive/Purge Proces

    I'm looking for someone who has experience with the archive/purge process on the F0911 table.
    We run a few jobs that post a lot records directly into this table and its fast approaching 9 million records.
    I have not had any performance problems yet, but I do have issues when I run the R98403.
    We are running Xe B7333 SP23 with a MS SQL DB, GL, AP, FA modules only.
    Thank you in advance for your input.

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    Re: Archive/Purge Proces

    Hi Gil,

    We are running into the same issue. Our F0911 table has over 30 million records. Our South American division's database is growing by five gigabits per month. We purchased Princeton Softech's Optimum archiving solution for JDE. It works with all releases. It has a GL, AP, AR and Sales moduals currently. Inventory is coming soon. We installed and configured GL, AP, AR and Sales on our test server. We easily purged over 5.5 million GL records for Mexico with no integrity issues. Very slick. We'll be moving this to our production server shortly. If anyone is interested, I can post benchmark figures for our purge and archive process.

    Gregg Larkin
    JDE System Administrator (CNC) / North America
    Praxair, Inc.
    Independent Consultant, Larkinville Associates, LLC
    XE thru 9.2

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    Re: Archive/Purge Proces


    I just recently went through and archived off our G/L data, removing about 2 million F0911 records from 5 years worth of data. I used the R09911 UBE with a different version for each year to purge. Note that the R09911, if so configured, will move the F0911 records into the F0911P. I then took these records and moved them into a normally read-only archive-type tablespace (Oracle db), then wiped out the F0911P table. Note that to really reclaim the space freed up from the deleted records, you should reorganize your db. For each run that deleted about 500,000 F0911 records, it took about 3 hours to complete.

    Also, if you are running any financial integrity reports, you'll want to adjust processing options and/or data selection to skip the years you archive from the F0911 table. Otherwise, your integrity reports will balloon.
    Don Sauve
    Wagstaff, Inc.
    E1 9.2, Win2016, SQL Server 2016, TR, WebLogic 12.2.1, BI Publisher

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