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Thread: 8.95 Tools Release with Multiple Foundations

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    8.95 Tools Release with Multiple Foundations

    It seems to me that I had read a post a while back that if you try to install an 8.95xx Tools Release, that it forced itself upon the entire Enterprise Server, even if you're running in Multiple Foundations and just want to upgrade, say, your Development environment. Has anyone else run into this, or had good luck in applying an 8.95xx Tools Release into a Multiple Foundations-type setup?

    Thanks in advance for any experiences or suggestions shared.

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    Re: 8.95 Tools Release with Multiple Foundations

    I have run and am currently running 8.95 in multi-foundation mode. Currently, one of my customers is running 8.95_F1 in multi-foundation with 8.94_H2. We have not had any issues directly associated with multi-foundation.
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