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Thread: attach media objects

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    attach media objects

    We are on Xe using iseries 520 mostly Thin Clients using Citrix. SP23_K1 and Update 7
    I just need to know what are the pieces of the puzzle to setup so that we could have digital photos as attachments to an Inventory Item or asset number. I know that the 1st text attachment is stored in the data base. But the 2nd attachment can be stored somewhere else.. Any advice/document would be appreciated.



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    Re: attach media objects

    The P98MOQUE application is used for setting up the Media Object Queues. You want to attach them as OLE objects most likely.
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    Re: attach media objects


    Using P98MOQUE, we have our OLEQUE pointing to our deployment server.

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    Re: attach media objects

    thanks for the help and i do have the attachment saving in the location set in P98MOGUE but the following is an issue
    we are on W2K3 Terminal server:
    When I attach a new OLE object, the insert folder window opens requesting create new or create from file; I check create from file and this defaults in to a folder on the Terminal server
    Question is I need to set another default but where is this default
    coming from?


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